Before We Begin


The Home-Teacher Course and subsequent lessons will provide many details on how to ensure a successful learning experience for the child and home-teacher.   Before beginning it is important to understand what is needed to fully participate in this program of study.  The Home-Teacher is expected to:


-Participate in the 6-week Home-teacher Training Course, this is actually the beginning of the child’s study.


-Attend each lesson and group class and to fully participate in the session (interacting with the teacher and child when prompted, taking detailed notes, etc.)


-Initiate and participate in daily practice sessions with the child, trying to follow through on the points and assignments from the lesson.


-Play the recordings in the child’s presence daily.  This will most often be in the form of passive listening, while other activities are taking place.


-Cooperate in creating a positive and supportive learning environment


A high degree of responsibility, initiative and creativity taken by the

home-teacher will greatly enhance the Suzuki experience.


The following materials will eventually be needed for study:


-A good quality and appropriately sized guitar (Young Guitarists can acquire suitable instruments            at wholesale prices ranging from $200-$500). 

           Please do not purchase an instrument on your own.


-A guitar footstool ($10-$15)


-Suzuki Guitar School Book 1 (Alfred) and Recording (supplemental recordings and literature will            be provided by the teacher). ($25)


-The book Nurtured by Love (Alfred) by Shinchi Suzuki ($10)


-Music Stand ($10-$30)


-Electronic Guitar Tuner ($15-$40)


-An appropriately sized chair or stool


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