Why Study Guitar?


-Develop appreciation of art & beauty

-Strengthen relationship skills with family & peers

-Provide vehicle for personal expression

-Develop fine motor skills & complex coordination

-Participate in the 500+ year tradition of our culture

-Refine skills in following detailed direction.

-Develop self discipline, responsibility & commitment in working toward goals

-Music & brain development

-Develop ability for sustained concentration

-Enhance problem-solving skills as individual and family

-Avails home-teacher and child daily opportunity to learn about each other

-Offers home-teacher opportunities to demonstrate personal & family values

-Offers a child-friendly instrument with a beautiful tone and repertoire.

-Transmits a skill that can be shared with and appreciated by others.

-Provides a community with common interests and goals.





Piedmont Suzuki Studio Young Guitarists


2410 Elizabeth Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27103

(336) 945-8666